Firearms Range Rental & Simunitions Packages | Westmoreland County Community College, Youngwood, Pennsylvania

Firearms Range Rental & Simunitions Packages

The Westmoreland County Community College Public Safety Training Center (PSTC) firearms range is designated for the use of law enforcement and military personnel. The range may be used between the hours of 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. any day of the week, except holidays, unless otherwise approved by the Director/Law Enforcement Programs or designee.

The range may only be used by participating in the Westmoreland County Community College reservation system as described below. There is no walk-on usage permitted at the range nor is the range available for general public or non-law enforcement/military use.

Police academy cadets using the rangeFees

Please contact the director at 724-925-4298 for information regarding fees.

Range Reservation Process

It is recommended that arrangements for the range rental begin at least one month prior to the planned firearms training event. Contact the Director/Law Enforcement Programs at 724-925-4298 to reserve the range and receive a range application.

All agencies must complete the following activities prior to using the range:

  • Review the PSTC Range Safety Plan
  • Sign the PSTC Range Safety Plan Reviewed Form to verify he/she viewed the plan & submit with application.
  • Submit copies of all training certifications.
    • Note: If a firearms instructor’s certification is not valid, he/she may not use the range.
  • Submit a copy of a Certificate of Liability Insurance issued by an insurance company licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania showing Westmoreland County Community College as an “Additional Insured” with application.
    • Note: Agencies with policies not based on a fiscal year (July to June) must submit new certificate to Westmoreland upon policy renewal.
  • The insurance policy must include the following amounts of coverage:
    • Commercial General Liability
      • Each Occurrence - $1,000,000
      • Personal & Advertising Injury - $1,000,000
      • General Aggregate Limit - $2,000,000
      • Automobile Liability - Each Accident - $1,000,000
    • Workers Compensation and Employers Liability
      • Compensation - Statutory Limit
    • Employers Liability
    • Bodily Injury by Accident – each accident - $500,000
    • Bodily Injury by Disease – each employee - $500,000
    • Bodily Injury by Disease – policy limit - $500,000
  • All participants using the range must sign release and hold harmless agreements. Release and hold harmless agreements are available at the range and must be signed by all participants and placed in the black box.

Upon receipt and review of all documentation, an agreement will be mailed to the agency’s contact person. The agreement and paperwork will remain valid for one year unless otherwise amended or revoked. For the purposes of this agreement, the year will run from July 1 to June 30.

Cancellations must be made within three (3) days of the scheduled event to avoid penalty.

Simunition Training

Simunition training exercises are the closest an officer can get to actual live fire situations.  The Public Safety Training Center offers a simunitions apartment complex with breachable doors to guage officer performance while under stressful situations.  There is nothing that can duplicate this training.  Packages are available as stand-alone use or coupled with the use the 50-yard, 17-station firing range.

Simunition Training Packages

Use of the simunitions apartment complex and range:

  • Municipal Police Department - Call for pricing and availability
  • Non - Municipal Police Department  - Call for pricing and availability
  • Municipal Police Dept. Range and Sim  Combo  Call for pricing
  • Non - Municipal Police Department Range & Sim Combo  
  • Contact L.E. Director for yearly Range & Sim. pricing.  

** Prices are subject to change without notice.

(Liability Insurance is required as stated in range use)

Dates fill fast so reserve your spot now!