Honors College at Westmoreland

Challenge Yourself in the Honors College

The Honors College at Westmoreland is the perfect fit for ambitious, engaged students who want to challenge themselves. It is uniquely designed to offer students resources that will support their educational goals and allow them to achieve their dreams.

Students studying at the Science Innovation Center, Youngwood campusThe Honors College Offers:

  • Faculty that are experts in mentoring and challenging students to achieve their potential. On average, the Honors faculty have 20+ years of experience
  • Small classes. They offer the opportunity for more one-on-one discussions with faculty and fellow students
  • Opportunities for research, writing and experimentation. With guidance from faculty, students are encouraged to pursue creativity and academic success
  • Enrichment at leadership conferences and community service projects
  • Ability to participate in  the Westmoreland Honors Ambassador Program
  • Access to Honors programming at Youngwood and all centers
  • Honors Seminar, a unique type of college course in which the student will design, implement and report on a project the student has developed in consultation with a faculty mentor. Honors Seminar Registration Form

The Honors College stretches across multiple disciplines at Westmoreland and students are exposed to enhanced curricular and cocurricular experiences.

Collaboration with fellow honors students is encouraged through team projects. Individual honors projects are available with faculty mentorship.

Benefits of Graduating with Honors

  • Two years of academic challenge, creativity and critical thinking
  • Honors designation on your transcript
  • Access to scholarships that are exclusive to honors students
  • Enhanced transfer opportunities for those who plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree
  • Recognition of your accomplishment at Commencement

Admission to the Honors College

Westmoreland believes there are many attributes that lead to success. Therefore, there are multiple ways to be considered for the Honors College:

  • Strong academic performance as represented by a 3.25 high school or previous college grade-point average.
  • Alternatively, you may submit evidence of a particular area of interest or strength that you wish to develop by submitting a short written explanation along with (optionally) any other evidence you have (photographs, recordings, portfolios, newspaper clippings, etc.)

apply to honors college

The Honors College at Westmoreland is for students who want more and are willing to put forth the effort it takes to succeed. The Honors College program is inclusive of thinkers, hard worker, and bright minds seeking mentorship, supportive motivation and an opportunity to lead through success. If this is the program for you, apply today!