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Transfer to Westmoreland

Transferring credits earned at another college to Westmoreland is easy!

The consideration of transfer credits or recognition of degrees will not be determined exclusively on the basis of the accrediation of the sending institution or the mode of delivery but,  rather, will consider course equivalencies, including expected learning outcomes, with those of the College's curricula and standards. 

  • Apply to Westmoreland
  • Send official college transcripts directly to the Westmoreland County Community College Admissions Office.
  • Once we receive your official transcript, we will evaluate it and you will be notified which courses will be entered into your Westmoreland account.
  • Credits earned at other regionally accredited colleges may apply to programs at Westmoreland as long as the grade is “C” or higher.  
  • Evaluation and acceptance of credits completed 10 years prior to the transfer request date shall be made at the discretion of the college.

Reverse Transfer

The reverse transfer agreement is designed to support students who earned college-level credits toward an associate degree while enrolled at Westmoreland, but did not complete sufficient credits to earn their community college certificate, diploma or degree. 

Reverse transfer agreements streamline the process of transferring credits earned by students working toward their bachelor’s degree back to Westmoreland to be evaluated for credit toward completion of certificate, diploma or associate degree.   

  • California University of Pennsylvania
  • Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Saint Vincent College
  • Point Park University

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