College in High School - Westmoreland County Community College

College Classes Taught at High Schools

College in High School (also known as Dual Enrollment) courses are taught in your high school, by high school faculty, but for college credit!

Westmoreland has College in the High School agreements with the high schools featured on this page.  You will need to select your school, click on the link and complete the form.  This is one of two forms that you will need to complete.  Please follow the Next Steps outlined below in order to complete your enrollment.  

Next Steps

  1. Meet with your counselor and/or teachers to select high school courses approved for College in High School at Westmoreland.
  2. There are two forms to complete in order to take CHS courses.  You  must first complete the form above under your high school's name. 
  3. The second form you must complete is Westmoreland's online application for admissionBoth forms must be completed by deadline to successfully enroll.  Deadline is Monday, February 3, 2020 at 5 p.m.
  4. Now that you have completed the enrollment process, you should watch your email closely for admissions confirmation, instructions on accessing the MyWestmoreland Portal, payment portal information and additional informatio about the CHS program.  Westmoreland uses your email to communicate with you throughout the semester.  Please check it regularly for updates.  


Eligibility is determined by your high school offerings and is dependent upon your high school schedule. Learn more about College Now! eligibility here.

Helpful Reminders:

The classes that you are taking through the College in High School program at Westmoreland are worth college credit upon payment and passing the class(es) with a "C" or better.  Your student bill will be mailed to the address provided on your student's completed application.  

There are In-County and Out-of-County tuition. In-County rate is $60 per credit. You can only receive the In-County rate if you live in Westmoreland County. For all In-County students, a three credit class will cost $180.  If your class is four credits, the cost will be $240.

Out-of-County rate is $120 per credit. Tuition is based on the student's declared residency/home address. If you live in Allegheny, Indiana, Washington, Fayette, etc., you will invoiced the Out-of-County rate. A three credit class at the Out-of-County rate is $360 and a four credit class will be $480.

Once accepted, you can also apply for a College NOW! scholarship.  If you would like to apply, complete this form and you will be contacted with a status update.  Funding is limited.

**Classes may have different start and end dates than classes taught at Westmoreland. Enrollment dates established for classes taught at the high school are set by Westmoreland and may have different add, drop, and withdrawal dates than the high school. Students enrolled in classes taught at the high school will follow school hours, breaks and class cancellation policies of the high school. The policies and procedures of the individual high school system apply regarding student conduct.