TRIO at Westmoreland County Community College

TRIO at Westmoreland County Community College

TRIO is a federally funded support program that strives to help students succeed in college, continue to enroll in courses and either graduate or transfer to a senior institution. Its goal is to provide support, encourage excellence and help students achieve academic success!

TRIO is located at the Youngwood campus in the Student Achievement Center (SAC).

How to Apply

Interested in becoming a TRIO participant? Click here to complete the TRIO Application.

Once the TRIO staff receive your form, we will determine if you are eligible to become a participant in TRIO. If you meet the eligibility requirements, the TRIO office will contact you.


To be eligible for services through TRIO, students must demonstrate academic need and meet one of the following criteria: 

  • Be a first-generation college student
  • Have low income
  •  Have a disability

Services Offered


TRIO counselors assist students in reaching their academic goals, while supporting students through personal concerns and obstacles.


Your TRIO counselor will work with the Tutoring and Learning Services staff to arrange appropriate tutoring services for you. To obtain tutoring services, stop by TLS to fill out an application and identify yourself as a TRIO student or stop in to see your TRIO counselor.

Academic Workshops

Each semester there are opportunities for students to attend workshops, lunch & learn activities, fairs and so much more! 

Midterm Report

All TRIO students receive a written mid-term grade report that details their progress in each class. Instructors have the opportunity to make comments to further support student success. Reports are issued in the fall and spring semesters.


New TRIO students will be offered the opportunity to work with an experienced mentor (faculty, staff or peer) who can offer them guidance and support.


The Westmoreland Wire is a newsletter exclusively for students in the TRIO program at Westmoreland.  The newsletter contains important updates, upcoming events and activities, ways to get involved and more.

Cultural Activities

There are many opportunities for students to participate in cultural activities to places such as  The Pittsburgh Zoo,  The Aviary,  Carnegie Science Center,  Falling Water, Laurel Cavens and more!  

Scholarship Opportunities

TRIO students who are Pell grant eligible have the opportunity to compete for a special scholarship award.

Meet the Staff

Get to know the counselors and other staff members here.