Retired & Senior Volunteer Program

RSVP Has Something For Everyone

RSVP offers meaningful, exciting opportunities for individuals age 55 and older to give back to the community and to help neighbors in need.

Our volunteers share their lifetime experience and skills on behalf of hundreds of worthy organizations including schools, hospitals, meals on wheels, health insurance counseling and tax assistance.

RSVP places more than 1,200 volunteers throughout Westmoreland County, enabling them to serve their community with fulfilling work that matches their personal interests and available hours.  

RSVP is a program of the Senior Corps, which is a network of programs that help older Americans find opportunities to address community needs through service. Locally, the Retired & Senior Volunteer Program of Westmoreland County is sponsored by Westmoreland County Community College.  

Upcoming Events/Programs

How does RSVP work?

RSVP staff interviews individuals interested in volunteering to find the work that best matches their interests, skills, and favorite activities. RSVP seeks to provide the most meaningful, rewarding, and varied volunteer opportunities possible.  

There are a wide range of volunteer opportunities available to choose from as well as, time commitments. They range from weekly or monthly assignments, working with agencies on specific projects to occasionally working with a program on a special project. There is no time requirement to volunteer through RSVP.

Volunteer Benefits

  • Volunteer placement
  • Supplemental accident and liability insurance
  • Subscription to RSVP's quarterly newsletter
  • Annual recognition luncheon
  • Free meal and parking from qualifying volunteer sites
  • Satisfaction of making a difference in the community

Why Should I Volunteer?

  • Volunteering is the perfect opportunity to learn something new
  • Can help you in making the transition from the 9-5 work week
  • Does not require previous volunteering experience
  • Offers the opportunity to meet new and interesting people
  • Offers a wide range of assignments and time commitments

RSVP Opportunities

Book Smart?

Enjoy time at your local library while offering a helping hand. Greet patrons, organize books and periodicals and assist with other clerical duties throughout the Westmoreland Library Network. There is a world with in your reach.

“All the world’s a stage…”

If you want to lend your time to your local community theater, we have a part you can play! Ushers, box office help and creative scenery painters needed for all the productions at several county play house locations.

Your time is a gift that many people would value.

You can visit others in their homes, offer kind hearted companionship, deliver food and provide car rides to and from appointments. Do these things for your neighbors who no longer can do for themselves. Many Westmoreland County agencies would gladly open their doors to you.

“Study the past if you would define the future.”

Southwestern Pennsylvania is rich in the history of industry, railroads, frontier trails, and people of notoriety. Expand your knowledge of our local culture as a volunteer guide, gift shop assistant, and guardian of our heritage. Many opportunities await in Westmoreland County.

Retired but not too tired?

Looking for someone up to the challenge to expand their knowledge of Medicare and health care. With the proper training and support, you might be able to help seniors through the Medicare maze.

Ready to Become a Volunteer?

Download the application here.

RSVP Volunteer Recognition LunchRights and Responsibilities

It is your right...

  • To receive the orientation, training and supervision necessary to do the job.
  • To feel that your efforts have real purpose and contribute to the organization's mission.
  • To receive feedback and evaluation on the work that you perform.
  • To be treated with respect and as an equal partner within the organization.
  • To be trusted with confidential information necessary to carry out your assignment.
  • To be kept informed on relevant matters within the organization you work with.
  • To expect that your time will not be wasted by poor planning or coordination by the organization.
  • To be covered under the organization's liability policy for volunteers in the event of an accident.

It is your responsibility...

  • Not to take on more responsibility than you can handle
  • To meet time commitments or to provide appropriate notice so alternative arrangements can be made.
  • To perform the tasks assigned to you to the best of your ability.
  • To provide input on ways your tasks might be better performed.
  • To follow organizational policies and procedures.
  • To respect those confidences entrusted to you.
  • To be open-minded and respectful towards opinions shared with you.
  • To notify the organization in advance of absences or schedule changes that may affect them.

Let RSVP know...

It is very important that RSVP knows how much time you spend volunteering in the community because the federal government requires us to keep track of your time spent volunteering as a means of assessing our performance.

It provides information to our legislators about the types of volunteer work and number of hours served.

It helps RSVP promote seniors as active contributing members of the community.

It indicates that you are an active RSVP volunteer and thus allows you to participate in RSVP recognition events, and receive all the volunteer benefits.