Emergency Assistance Fund for Students | Westmoreland County Community College, Youngwood, Pennsylvania

Emergency Financial Help for Students

The Westmoreland Emergency Assistance Fund provides support to currently enrolled students who are at-risk of dropping out due to unexpected financial emergencies. We understand there are many stressors that hinder a student’s ability to focus on academics and to be a successful student.  Sometimes, all it takes is a little help to get over that life hurdle, finish school and secure a better future. 

Items we can assist students in paying due to unexpected emergencies:

  • Medical/dental expenses
  • Utilities
  • Housing/rent
  • Public transportation/bus passes
  • Childcare
  • Gas
  • Personal automobile expenses
  • Food/meals

Items that are not eligible for Emergency Assistance:

  • Entertainment (including cable bills)
  • Tuition
  • Fees
  • Books
  • Legal fees
  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol


To be eligible to apply for Westmoreland Emergency Assistance, students must:

  • Currently be taking courses in a credit program and seeking a degree/diploma/certificate
  • Have already successfully completed at least six credit hours with a 2.0 or higher at Westmoreland County Community College.  Exceptions are made for students requesting a bus pass.
  • Have completed the Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA)

Things to Consider

If you received a refund check during the current academic year, you must be prepared to provide a detailed budget of how you spent the money.

Additional Eligibility Information

Current students are eligible for a maximum of $300 per semester.  In addition, all students are eligible to receive assistance no more than three times in their lifetime as a student.  Westmoreland has a fixed amount of money to allocate per semester.  Please note that once those funds are depleted, the application process will close until the beginning of the next semester.

How to Apply

Submit an online application.  You must provide documentation of need, which can include, but is not limited to, copies of bills, estimates and rental agreements.  You must also provide a detailed monthly budget in order to be eligible for Emergency Assistance.  Please go to cashcourse.org, create an account and select worksheets under financial tools.  Complete the monthly budget worksheet and upload it to your application.

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.  Once a completed application is received, you will be contacted via email and or phone to discuss the matter further.

If you need help, contact the Emergency Assistance Administrator.