Message from Westmoreland President Dr. Tuesday Stanley

Message from Westmoreland President Dr. Tuesday Stanley

Dr. Tuesday Stanley

Message from Westmoreland President Dr. Tuesday Stanley

June 5, 2020 Youngwood, Pa.

Dear faculty and staff,

I have spent a lot of time reflecting on events of recent days, the events that continue to plague our country, and the message to communicate to you.When I looked back at my early years in higher education, I spent much of my time crafting messages for each college I worked for in diverse regions around the US. I would write for the students and I would write for the administration. I would help them communicate the information they wanted to share. The words generally came naturally and I rarely struggled to deliver the message they wanted. However, as I sat down to write this, the words did not come easily.

As a college, we must always remember we carry the values of equity and inclusion in our Mission.  Westmoreland’s goal is also to encourage dialogue and educational experiences to inform our faculty, staff and students and encourage both personal and professional growth. Each day we should inspire each other and strive to be a better version of ourselves.   

Westmoreland will continue to be a college committed to providing higher education in a student-centered culture that promotes the values of equity, inclusion, accountability, integrity, diversity and above all, respect. We will continue to prepare students to not only succeed in their careers, but to also spread these values in the communities they call home.

In support of our Mission, we will join together, faculty, students and staff, to pledge our college’s support for change. Westmoreland will foster the conversations needed for this change and we will continue to open our doors to all who want to work with us to move this dialogue forward. Please join us in this commitment.

Tuesday Stanley
Westmoreland County Community College