Contact Tracing Program at Westmoreland

Become a Contact Tracer

Westmoreland is now offering a Contact Tracer Training Program. Participants will learn the definition, steps, skills and qualities necessary for contact tracing in this fully remote program.

Why Contact Tracing?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is estimated the United States will need a growing number of individuals in the public health workforce dedicated to case identification and contact tracing Average contact tracing wages are estimated at $19/hour, which is based on the average pay for a community health worker.  More Information

This training will also assist with job preparation and resume writing.  We are not hiring and/or placing contact tracers and there is no guarantee of employment. 

Contact TracingClass Schedule

This program will be completed remotely via Zoom and independent study over a three-week period: 

  • No classes are scheduled at this time.


Tuition for the contract tracing program is $400.

Admission Requirements

A high school diploma or GED is preferred.

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Questions? Contact Brittany Shinsky, coordinator/Continuing Education at 724-925-4082 or