Student Organizations

Westmoreland offers students the opportunity to participate in more than 20 clubs and organizations.


American Welding Society (AWS)

The Westmoreland chapter of the American Welding Society is devoted to promoting welding and related processes, and to supporting all those who contributed to the industry.

Advisor: Ben Bilott

Anime Club

The Anime Club was established for Westmoreland students who enjoy Japanese animation. Members of the club watch and discuss anime, draw anime and write fan fiction to share.

Advisor: Brian Hays

Art Club

ArtclubThe Art Club provides a forum for students to exchange ideas, learn about their field and showcase artwork. Members are eligible to participate in activities that expand awareness of the art profession and take advantage of cultural events in the area. Every spring students have the opportunity to showcase, curate and stage an exhibition in the gallery in Science Hall.

Advisor: Kathy Dlugos at 724-925-4165

Business Society

The Business Society is dedicated to teaching and providing hands-on experience to our business students. Throughout the semester, members will help bring awareness and recognition of successful business leaders from around the area, giving students and community members an opportunity to interact and network with one another. Our mission is to create, manage and grow a successful campus business with the supervision of full-time business instructors and the entire business department at Westmoreland. Although the Business Society was established for business majors, any students are welcome.

Advisor: Andrew Colosimo

Campus Activities Board (CAB)Campusactivitiesboard

The Campus Activities Board organizes, promotes and participates in campus activities and social events for all students. Recreational, social, educational, cultural and community-service events are sponsored, planned and coordinated by the CAB with funds allocated from Student Service Fee funds. Membership is open to all Westmoreland credit students who have an interest in activities and social planning. 

Advisor: Katherine Hanold

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Criminal Justice Fraternity (CRJ)

The Criminal Justice Fraternity is an outlook organization on legal procedures in the community. Designed for students interested in careers in law enforcement, members will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with situations that they may encounter in the future. Group trips include visits to area prisons, court trials and a correctional institute. Membership is open to all Westmoreland credit students.

Advisors: Randy Slagle, Raeanna Patterson

Early Childhood Education Club (ECE)

The Early Childhood Education Club promotes community interest and involvement in the field of childcare and gives a broader range of knowledge in this career area. The club also helps with community activities involving children.

Advisor: Vicki Hricik

Fortnight Film Club

Based at the Murrysville Education Center, the Fortnight Film Club welcomes all students with an interest in film. Members meet bi-weekly and vote on films to view and discuss in depth.

Advisors: TBD

History Club

History Club

The History Club promotes the study of history by encouraging research and the exchange of learning and ideas among history enthusiasts. The club provides a space outside the classroom for students interested in historical study and debate. Membership is open to any current Westmoreland student or alumni.

Advisor: Dr. Kevin Kopper at 724-925-4012

Horticulture Club

The Horticulture Club strives to help its members learn more about horticulture through field trips, guest speakers and campus projects. It also promotes fellowship among the members through various events. Membership is open to all students.

Advisor: Xuri Zhang at 724-925-4257

Human Services Social Work Club

The Human Services Social Work Club provides an opportunity for students in the Human Services Social Work program to gain knowledge and experience in the field of human services social work outside of the classroom. Members participate in community service projects. They also participate in educational opportunities and networking events with professionals in the community.

Advisor: Stephanie Turin

Phi Theta Kappa (The National Honor Society)

Phi Theta Kappa is the only nationally acclaimed honor society serving America’s two-year colleges and associate degree-granting institutions. Election to the honor society is open to any student who has completed at least 12 credit hours (either full- or part-time) at Westmoreland. Candidates must possess a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or better in order to be considered for selection.

The purpose of the society is to recognize academic excellence among students in two-year colleges, provide opportunities for intellectual interchange and assist those seeking to transfer to four-year institutions. Phi Theta Kappa also offers scholarship opportunities, student directed honors projects and the chance to attend regional and national meetings of the society.

Advisor: Dr. Kevin Kopper at 724-925-4012

ReachOut Christian Club

ReachOut Christian Club seeks to unite Christians from all denominations to support one another in their faith and to learn more about God through various Bible studies. ReachOut holds a weekly prayer and Bible study, participates in community service and plans other events for members.

Advisor: Jackie Greenawalt at 724-925-4280

Robotics ClubRobotics2

Grinding, destruction, science, technology, engineering and math; these are the ingredients that make up the Robotics Club. The Robotics Club is dedicated to helping students learn about the wonderful world of manufacturing through the creation of robots. Members of the club are able to participate in robotics competitions including BotsIQ and National Robotics League. Robotics Club provides opportunities for members to meet new people, further develop STEM skills, explore career opportunities and participate in club-sponsored trips. Membership is open to any current Westmoreland student.

Advisor: Ralph Padgett

Sigma Alpha Pi (National Society of Leadership & Success)

The National Society of Leadership & Success, Sigma Alpha Pi, is the nation’s largest leadership honor society. Membership is open to any student with a one-time membership fee. In addition to honorable distinction, the society provides a step-by-step program for members to build their leadership skills through participation at Westmoreland or online. Upon completion of the program, members receive their leadership certificate and take their place among the top student leaders on campus. Membership is for life and provides access to benefits including scholarships.

Advisors: Katherine Hanold, Jan Perkins | Facebook

Student American Dental Assistants Association (SADAA)

The Student American Dental Assistants Association is an organization composed of dental assisting students. The association helps to promote the profession of dental assisting and educational gain outside of the classroom. It also promotes the awareness of the Dental Assisting program.

Advisor: Mary Kay Huesdash at 724-925-4288

Student American Dental Hygienists Association (SADHA)

The Student American Dental Hygienists Association is the Westmoreland chapter of the American Dental Hygienists Association and is comprised of dental hygiene students. The mission is to promote dental health and the prevention of dental diseases by providing dental education to all age groups – children, adolescents, adults and geriatric populations. Students participate in many community-oriented activities including visits to schools, community groups, nursing homes and head start programs. Once a year, students provide free dental products such as toothbrushes, dental floss and toothpaste, which the students purchase through fundraising.

Advisor: Angie Rinchuse at 724-925-4163

Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the representative voice of the student body. Member students promote and represent the rights and interests of students. The SGA is also the governing body of all recognized student organizations. Officers consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, Communications Officer and Treasurer. Candidates must apply for open positions and go through an interview process with the selection committee. All current credit students of Westmoreland are welcome to become senators and obtain voting rights by attending a minimum of two SGA Senate meetings.

Advisor: Katherine Hanold

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Student Nurses Association of PA / National Student Nurses Association (SNAP/NSNA)

National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) is a national professional organization open to all student nurses. Student Nurses Association of PA (SNAP) is a state professional organization for student nurses. Membership is open to all students in the Nursing program. Members participate in health education activities and work toward promoting nursing as a profession. They participate at regional, state and national levels by attending workshops and conventions that focus on current professional interests and concerns.

Advisor: Donna Steele at 724-925-5989 & Sue Snyder

Veterans Club

The Westmoreland Veterans Club offers a friendly environment of diverse individuals who share many of the same challenges, excitement and pride of returning to formal education after completing our country’s call to service. The club participates in community service opportunities and supports fellow members transitioning from the everyday structure of military service to the new rigors of college life. Membership is open to current students who are veterans, active duty personnel, Reservists, National Guard or retired military.

Westmoreland Gaming

Westmoreland Gaming is dedicated to bringing anyone who plays games together in a fun, collaborative environment. Membership is open to all students. Westmoreland Gaming plays video games, board games, card games, tabletop games and anything else club members wish to play at events throughout each semester. Student trips have included visiting the Pittsburgh Symphony to hear video game-inspired music and traveling to local/national video game conferences. The student organization is also active in the community with a variety of activities aimed at helping others.

Advisor: Stu Silverberg | Facebook

Writer’s Guild

The Writer’s Guild is a group of writers, varying in skill from masters of the craft with years of experience, to beginners looking for new ways to express themselves. If you enjoy writing of any form, whether it be technical writing or poetry, creative nonfiction or novel-writing, this is the place for you! The Writer’s Guild is an informal group of peers each working toward the goal of bettering their understanding of the art and business of being a writer. The Writer’s Guild compiles an annual publication called “Write from the Pack.” All current students are welcome to submit artwork or writing.

Advisor: Brian Hays

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