Westmoreland County Community College recognizes the importance of your education and we are dedicated to helping you achieve your educational and career goals!

Each year alumni, friends, community members and corporate partners give funds to the Westmoreland County Community College Educational Foundation to provide scholarships for students. Any new or returning student is eligible to apply for foundation scholarships.


Application Process

Each scholarship has specific criteria for eligibility and all applications require the completion of an essay. Students may be directed to complete additional information for other scholarship opportunities such as the President’s and Trustees’ Meritorious and the Edward Hutchison Memorial Firefighters Scholarship.

The Financial Aid office will notify scholarship recipients through their Westmoreland email.

Scholarship awards are applied directly to the recipient’s student account for tuition, fees and bookstore costs.

Foundation scholarship recipients will be asked to:

  • Acknowledge receipt of your acceptance letter
  • Write a thank-you letter to the donor(s)
  • Remain in good academic standing and continue to meet the specific criteria of the scholarship. A scholarship will be cancelled if the recipient no longer meets the criteria.


For questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 724-925-4063 or by email at