The Youngwood Campus comprises four buildings: Founders Hall, Commissioners Hall, Science Hall, and the Business and Industry Center; and athletic fields.

Founders Hall

The college's original building, Founders Hall, houses academic and administrative office, classrooms, laboratories, the library, College Learning Center, and a 300-seat amphitheater. This building also contains the bookstore, student center, cafeteria and a licensed day care center for student's children. A gymnasium, indoor running track, and a combination aerobic/fitness center provide an array of co-curricular activities.

Commissioners Hall

Commissioners Hall houses additional academic and administrative offices, classrooms, laboratories, a culinary arts complex and a dining facility. Several multipurpose rooms provide settings for a variety of conferences and seminars for business and industry.

Science Hall

Science Hall consists of classrooms and laboratories for the physical science and horticulture departments, a dental hygiene clinic, a greenhouse, and an art gallery. The facility also contains a 420-seat theater which provides a venue for theater classes and cultural programming.

Business and Industry Center

The Business and Industry Center contains administrative offices for Continuing Education and workforce development along with classrooms and labs for engineering science and industrial technology programs such as computer numerical control, drafting, electronics, HVAC, machining, robotics and welding. Also housed within the Business and Industry Center are offices for PA CareerLink-Westmoreland and the Workforce Investment Board.

Athletic Fields

Enhancing the Youngwood campus are three athletic fields which were constructed in 1992. The baseball field, which meets major league specifications, softball field and multipurpose field are used for intercollegiate competitions, intramural sporting activities and noncredit programming.