Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Federal and state regulations governing student financial aid require that an institution develop standards to measure academic progress toward a degree.  All students will be monitored for financial aid satisfactory academic progress (SAP) whether or not financial aid was applied for or received during any academic period in which the student was previously enrolled. You will not be eligible for financial aid if you do not meet the financial aid SAP requirements.  In order to maintain SAP for financial aid eligibility, students must meet four standards: a GPA requirement, a pace requirement, a minimum cumulative unit requirement and a maximum timeframe requirement.

Students failing to maintain SAP, will be notified that he/she is ineligible for financial aid beginning with the term immediately following the term the SAP requirements were not met. Westmoreland County Community College monitors SAP at the end of each term. Students pursuing a double major or a second degree objective will be held to the same standards as all other students.  

Eligibility for continued financial aid will only be re-established if the student subsequently meets the SAP requirements; or the student successfully appeals.

Students have the right to appeal the suspension of financial aid. A written appeal must be submitted to the financial aid office stating the reasons for not maintaining satisfactory academic progress. The appeal, academic plan and all supporting documents will be reviewed by the Financial Aid SAP Appeals Committee in the order in which they are received. Appeals are reviewed usually within 10 days after submission. The committee will notify the student of its decision in writing. Student’s whose appeal is approved will have their aid reinstated for the upcoming term. This term will be called Probation as their continuing eligibility will be determined after their Probationary term is over.

SAP Policy & Forms