How to Apply

1. Apply to Westmoreland County Community College 

2. Apply for your FSA ID (your parent, if you are considered Dependent) at 

3. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at Don’t forget to use the Westmoreland County Community College’s Title IV code - 010176 

4. Check the ‘MyWestmoreland’ portal to determine if additional documents are required. 

5. You will be emailed by the Financial Aid Office for missing information and award information at your Westmoreland email address. 

6. Submit tax return transcripts, corrections and any other requested documentation to the Financial Aid Office in a timely manner to ensure that you are awarded prior to the start of the term.  

WebAdvisor on the MyWestmoreland Student Portal ( 

Students should check the WebAdvisor on the MyWestmoreland Student Portal ( regularly to see the current status of their financial aid. 

From the Westmoreland County Community College website ( 

  •  Click “Current Students” 
  •  Click “MyWestmoreland Portal” 

Financial Aid Information 

The WebAdvisor home page will appear after sign-in is complete. Financial aid information is available through the “Financial Aid” tab on the left-hand side of the page. 

  •  Click “Web Advisor for Students” 
  •  Click “Financial Aid” 
  •  “Financial aid status by term”, “Financial aid award letter”, “Accept or reject my loans”, and “My Documents” are available in this area. 
  •  “My Documents” will track receipt of the FAFSA application 
  •  “My Documents” also shows if students need to submit additional documents to the Financial Aid Office in order to finalize their financial aid. If additional documentation is required, students will receive a “Missing Information” e-mail in their student e-mail account.  

My Documents 

Students who want to know if Westmoreland County Community College has received their FAFSA application and/or see what additional documentation is needed should: 

  •  Click “My Documents” 
  •  The following screen will appear 
  •  This will list any documents that students need to submit to the Financial Aid office to complete their aid package