Your Financial Aid To Do List


Applying for Financial Aid?  Here’s what to do, when to do it and what to expect along the way!

1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Go online to to complete your FAFSA. Don’t forget to include Westmoreland County Community College and our federal school code 010176 in the section that asks which schools should receive your information.

2. Review your Student Aid Report (SAR)

Review your Student Aid Report (SAR) to make sure all of the information is correct. Update any data, if necessary, on the website. If you provided your email address on the FAFSA, you will receive an email with a link to your Student Aid Report. The Financial Aid Office strongly recommends that you check your Westmoreland student email daily for any notifications.

3. Submit additional information and/or documentation ASAP

After the school receives an electronic version of your SAR (provided you included Westmoreland on your FAFSA), you may be required to submit additional information/documentation to the Financial Aid Office to complete your application. To see your outstanding document requests, log in to your My.Westmoreland student portal; > Web Advisor for Students > Financial Aid > My Documents. Respond immediately to all outstanding requests with “Still Needed” status!

4. Your financial aid counselor reviews your file

After you submit all required information/documentation to the Financial Aid Office, the financial aid counselor reviews your application material and may request additional information. The Financial Aid Office recommends that you monitor your Westmoreland student email for any direct contact from the financial aid counselor or notification of a financial aid award letter.

5. Review your financial aid award letter in its entirety

You can review your award package through the My.Westmoreland student portal. Remember: your award is based on full-time enrollment (12 credits or more per semester) as well as your ability to maintain satisfactory academic progress.

Important: This amount is subject to proration in order to reflect your actual enrollment. For example: 11 – 9 credits is three-quarter time, 8 – 6 credits is half-time, and less than 6 credits is less than half time.

To view your estimated award package: log in to your My.Westmoreland student portal; > Web Advisor for Students > Financial Aid > Award Letter > Accept or Reject My Student Loans. If you need the student loan(s), please “Accept” on the Westmoreland student portal and complete Loan Counseling (Entrance) and a Loan Agreement (Master Promissory Note) at Loans will not disburse unless all steps are done.

6. Your financial aid is disbursed to pay all or part of your school charges

The Financial Aid Office will authorize your disbursement 20 days after the start of the term and verification of enrolled credits. Additional disbursements occur periodically throughout the academic year. Remember: your financial aid only pays when your file is complete!


How long does all this take? It’s up to you!


Apply early and submit all information immediately to complete your application!