Financial Aid Info on My.Westmoreland Portal

Quick Reference Guide For Financial Aid Information on My.Westmoreland Portal

  1. Go to or click the My.Westmoreland link on the Westmoreland homepage
  2. Follow the instructions to sign-in
  3. Click on “Web Advisor for Students” on the left-hand side of the page
  4. Click on “Financial Aid”
  5. Check “My Documents” for FAFSA status and, if missing information,the  documents you will need to submit promptly to the Financial Aid Office so we may finalize your financial aid award
  6. Check “Financial Aid Award Letter” to view your financial aid award when it is finalized
  7. Check “Financial Aid by Term” to view aid and status by term when your financial aid award is finalized
  8. Check “Accept or Reject My Loans”: Direct loans (subsidized/unsubsidized) are the only awards you may accept or reject. Grants are NOT affected by rejecting your loans. If you “accept” the loan(s) indicating that you want the loan(s), please complete Entrance Counseling and a Master Promissory Note on
  9. Check “Make a Payment”  to view your bill

If you are unable to access the student portal, contact the Westmoreland IT Help Desk at 724-925-5921

Further information is available in the “Online Resources for Students” which is available on the college website ( under the “Helpful Links and Videos” tab.

If you still have questions after following these procedures and reviewing the “Online Resources for Students”, contact the Financial Aid Office by e-mail:

New to the My.Westmoreland Student Portal

  • Communication -  My Documents (description of documents needed for verification, status as documents are received and the due date)
  • Financial Aid By Term - This is where you can add up all the accepted codes (A) and compare the amount to your bill. Pending (P) or estimated (E) codes means this type of aid needs verified or may need applied for before the A code can be posted. A denied (D) code means you are not eligible for that type of aid. (check with the financial aid office in these cases). All aid is temporary until after the add/drop period in each term
  • Financial Aid Status By Year - This is your potential financial aid letter
  • View the Online Resource Guide to learn how to access these new capabilities

Financial Aid is based on attendance. If is determined that you did not attend class, or you withdraw from all your courses, your aid may be reduced or canceled, causing you to owe money to the college or the Federal Government.

You should compare the amount of your aid with the cost of tuition and fees. This can be found on WebAdvisor on the MyWestmoreland Portal. Amounts not covered by financial aid must be paid by the payment deadline.

The Pell grant is based on full-time attendance (12+ credits). For 3/4 time (9-11 cr) you will receive 75% of the award; for 1/2 time (6-8 cr) 50% of the award; and for 1/4 time (1-5 cr) 25% of the award.