Technical Resources and Requirements

Thinkstock Photos -71262218Technical Resources and Requirements

In order to be successful in your courses, you will need access to a computer with these requirements:

  • HARDWARE: A computer running Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8/8.1, a CD or DVD drive, and access to a letter quality printer (Macintosh systems should be running either the OSX10.6, 10.7 or 10.8 operating systems)
  • INTERNET: DSL, Cable, or any high-speed Internet connection, public web access such as at a library (ask first about availability), or the Westmoreland computer labs.
  • WEB BROWSER: See below or click here for web browser information.
  • JAVASCRIPT - See below or click here for JavaScript information
  • EMAIL: Access to email. While enrolled at Westmoreland, each student has a free email account. Go to the MyWestmoreland portal for access to your college email account.
  • SOFTWARE: Microsoft Office - Word, PowerPoint, and Excel; PDF reader - Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • APPS: Java, Flash , JavaScript

Please have one of the following minimum Internet browser configurations:


  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 for pre-Windows 8 operating systems. Windows 8 users should use IE11. Windows 10 users should use IE , not Edge at this time.
  • Mozilla Firefox Final Release Channel
  • Chrome Stable Channel


  • Safari 6 for Mac OSX 10.7 and 10.8; Safari 7 for Mac OSX 10.9 and Safari 8 for Mac 10.10 is supported.
  • Mozilla Firefox Final Release Channel
  • Chrome Stable Channel

CLICK HERE to run a browser check on your computer

Technology supplies available in the Westmoreland Bookstore

Students taking online courses need access to a reliable computer and may benefit from having access to a webcam and headset. The Westmoreland bookstore has the following items for purchase which may also be covered by your financial aid. 

Students may purchase these items online at the Westmoreland Bookstore under “Computer & Distance Education supplies”