Online Learning

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About Online Classes and Distance Learning

Westmoreland County Community College understands that balancing college with other responsibilities is challenging. Westmoreland now offers programs completely online to help you achieve your educational success while still meeting your professional and personal obligations. Students can now complete their degrees online preparing them for an exciting new career or advancement in their current one. Online learning provides flexibility and convenience at the same tuition rate as face to face classes.

Our online/distance learning courses offer a complementary alternative to the traditional learning environment. These modes of learning allow students from any location to use state-of-the-art interactive web conferencing technologies and a course management system at convenient times and locations for the student. This environment provides a flexible and engaging learning environment for students with a rigorous schedule.

Westmoreland currently uses Blackboard Learn as a learning management system and Blackboard Collaborate for web conferencing.

Ranked #1 in Pennsylvania for 2-year online colleges

Types of Distance Education

Blended (Hybrid) courses meet real-time in a face-to-face setting, on grounde, at a predetermined classroom location, date, and time. Instruction is split between learning activities online and in a specified location, based on subject matter. Students and instructor will meet in a face-to-face classroom/lab setting at least once a week and complete work asynchronously (outside of the classroom) for the remaining class time. A portion (no more than 50%) of the planned instruction and testing will occur outside of the classroom, when the students and instructor(s) are not in the same place. Courses will utilize a course management system and other technologically-enhanced components.

Online courses are conducted online via a course management system. Students have the options of using a personal computer at home, campus lab, library, or at a preferred location. Some online courses may require real-time collaboration at specific dates and times using web conferencing technology.

Web Supplemented courses are offered face-to-face in a physical classroom setting using an online course component. The use of a course management system is required to access course documents, materials, assignments, and grades.

Web Conferencing courses are conducted real-time in a face-to-face setting at specific dates and times, involving two or more locations. Courses may be offered at the Youngwood campus or any of the college education centers (Advanced Technology Center, Bushy Run, Fayette, Greene, Indiana, Latrobe, Mon Valley, and New Kensington). Instructors may alternate instructing from each location, communicating through a TV monitor, microphone, or telephone conferencing system. Students may attend at any of these locations or from their personal computer at home and will see and speak with the instructor and students at all sites in real time. A learning management system and web conferencing technology will be utilized.