Considering Distance Education?

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Considering Distance Education?

Think online learning might be right for you? Try our self assessment to learn more about the skills and competencies that best aid students when perusing online learning:

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What do our students say about online coursework?

“Online courses are convenient and the flexible to suit my life and work schedule.”

“I am married with two children and have a full-time job. Online classes are perfect for me.”

Try a Web Conferencing course:

“The video conferencing class style worked for me. I like the cleanliness and neatness of having a class that is seemingly paperless.”

“I feel it gives the instructor more students to teach in a wide area and helps the students thy don’t have to drive as far.”

“I would enroll in another Web Conferencing course because it helps when I'm having difficulties with the material. It also brings the students closer together.”

Students respond favorable to Blended classes:

“I love the ability which we have to take "blended classes" Very neat, not as much time sitting in the classroom because the work is spread out between the classroom and home, which is nice. Definitely feel like I am learning more than I would in a traditional class.”

“I think it's WAY better to be enrolled in a blended class than it is to be enrolled in online only. It gives us an opportunity as a student to see our classmates and professors face to face, ask questions, and work in a group. It is also easier to explain ideas, give examples, and

provide efficient and effective feedback to students.”