College in High School (Dual Enrollment)

College in High School (Dual Enrollment): Classes Taught at High Schools

  • Classes taught at the high school may be taught by high school instructors or Westmoreland faculty.
  • Classes may have different start and end dates than classes taught at Westmoreland. Enrollment dates established for classes taught at the high school are set by Westmoreland and may have different add, drop, and withdrawal dates than the high school.
  • Students enrolled in classes taught at the high school will follow school hours, breaks and class cancellation policies of the high school.
  • The policies and procedures of the individual high school system apply regarding student conduct.
  • Consult your high school Program of Studies or Curriculum Guide to see which courses qualify as Dual Enrollment classes.
  • Work with your high school counselor to schedule courses for which you may earn college credit.

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