College Now


College Now

The College Now program allows qualified high school juniors and seniors to experience college while simultaneously completing their high school requirements. The program enhances confidence and capabilities and enables students to challenge themselves and start college early.

What is College Now?

College Now offers different ways to get started with college in high school:

  • Dual Enrollment - allows students to take college classes taught at the high school
  • Early College - allows students to take college classes at the Youngwood campus or a Westmoreland center
  • High School Academies - allows students to take Career or Transfer Pathways courses at the Youngwood campus or Advanced Technology Center

These programs give high school and home school students opportunities to earn college credits for courses taken at Westmoreland while still attending high school. Students will be enrolled in both the high school and the Westmoreland County Community College. 

In 2017, five ambitious high school seniors earned associate degrees at Westmoreland through College Now prior to high school graduation.

Emma Frey Resized

“It was just enough extra work, but it was manageable.”

--Emma Frey, earned AA through College Now

Kailee Lear Resized

“It was a great experience."

--Kailee Lear, earned AA through College Now

Sheldon Kiser Resized

“It gave me the opportunity to see what college courses were like."

--Sheldon Kiser, earned AA through College Now

Westmoreland offers classes in local high schools and at various locations.

Benefits of College Now

  • Students are better prepared for college by experiencing college academics early
  • Credits earned may transfer to four-year colleges and universities
  • Students can earn a college degree in less time

In addition, students are entitled to use our facilities and services including the library, tutoring and computer labs, gymnasium and fitness center as well as academic advising and counseling.

For more information, contact our Information Center at 724.925.4077 or