Nursing Tuition and Fees

Nursing Program Costs for 2016-17

1st Year - Associate

CPR - good for 2 years - includes book $70.00

Calculator $25.00

Passport Photos $10.00

Liability Insurance $35.00

Health Requirements: Varies based on insurance coverage

Examination and vaccines $1,000.00

Castlebranch Document Management System (includes Criminal Background check) $60.00

Child Abuse Clearance $10.00

FBI Fingerprints $27.50

Urine Drug Screen $53.00

Nursing Program Uniforms $200.00

Stethoscope $91.00

Wrist Watch with second hand $35.00

Nursing Service Organization (NSO) Professional Liability Insurance $35.00

Books Level I Nursing Courses $797.00

Books Pre and Co-requisites $718.00

ATI Package (good for both years) $615.00

Tuition: $122.00 per credit (in county)* $4,758 (39 credits for first year)

Student services fee ($3.00/credit) $117.00

Technology fee ($23.00/credit) $897.00

Facility fee ($5.00/credit) $195.00

TOTAL  $9,863.50


2nd year - Associate

NSO insurance renewal $35.00

Subsequent health exam follow-up for annual PPD $75.00

Books Level II Nursing Courses $1,250.00

Books Co-requisites $852.00

Tuition: $122.00 per credit (in county)* $4,026 (33 credits)

Student services fee ($3.00/credit) $99.00

Technology fee ($23.00/credit) $759.00

Facility fee ($5.00/credit) $165.00

TOTAL $7,226


GRAND TOTAL for Program $17,089.50


State Board Fees/Applications upon graduation (ADN Program)

Temporary Practice Permit (TPP) $35.00

License Application $35.00

Exam Fee $200.00

TOTAL $270.00

Please Note: All fees and costs subject to change. These are approximations based on current information.
*For out of county and international students please refer to the College Catalog.