Testimonials for the Nursing Program

“This program was challenging, but I wouldn’t change one thing about it. The instructors were wonderful and really wanted to make sure their students were successful. The clinicals were top notch and really prepared you for the real world of nursing. I definitely felt prepared to tackle NCLEX and finally earn those two letters we all work so hard to achieve!
- Devin Ewing, RN Class of 2016, Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse

“I chose this school for a reason. I saved thousands of dollars in student load debt and my employer will now pay for me to get my bachelors, masters/NP. Everyone (so far) I graduated with has passed their state boards on the first try.” – Chelsea (2016)

I really enjoyed my time in WCCC’s Nursing Program. The instructors were AWESOME and genuinely interested in seeing me learn and succeed. I was prepared for my boards and first nursing job. Which I got within just a few weeks of graduation. I feel like I got more individualized attention from professors than I would have at a University, had a schedule that allowed me to keep a part time job, and the price was right. I would definitely recommend the nursing program at 3C’s (Westmoreland College)
- Bolana Fuge-Hary, RN, Class of 2016