Nursing Learning Resource Center


Purpose of the Nursing Learning Resource Center (NLRC)

Practice skills

The client-simulated laboratory is a teaching-learning environment to support a wide range of skill development. Use is to be in accordance with nursing curriculum and learning needs to facilitate the acquisition of clinical knowledge. Under simulated conditions, students can practice physical assessment and procedural skills while demonstrating related cognitive critical reasoning skills.


The open lab is available to all nursing students who would like clarification of studies. This is a free service offered to all nursing students to improve student outcomes. Lab faculty will assist students with identified learning needs such as skill performance, study issues, and test taking techniques.


Referrals may be made to the Learning Resource Center by nursing faculty with specific recommendations. Students may also be assigned by their lecture/clinical instructor to the open lab as part of a remedial plan. Performance will be evaluated by the lab faculty and report given to the referring instructor.