1. Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes. Due to the developmental nature of the curriculum, attendance and participation in all lectures, laboratory, and clinic sessions is mandatory. In the event of an absence, students are expected to call the instructors for the classes they will miss, and call the program director. Calls from family or friends on your behalf are not acceptable. Unexcused absences will result in a 1% deduction from the final grade in the course per occurrence. Two unexcused absences within a course may result in a college initiated withdrawal from the course by dental faculty for poor attendance.
  2. Late arrivals and/or early departures interrupt class, lab, or clinic and distract both students and the instructor. Promptness is a matter of courtesy and responsibility; however, in the case of a dental student, promptness is a matter of professionalism. If the student is not present at the beginning of class, lab, or clinic, the student is considered to be late. If the student leaves early, class material or clinic time that is missed cannot be made up.
  3. Recognizing that circumstances beyond one's control may occasionally cause a late arrival or the need for an early departure; the student will be allowed two occurrences without penalty. Additional occurrences will result in a one-half point deduction from the final grade for each infraction. 
  4. Make up examinations and assignments are administered at the discretion of the course instructor, and will be considered only in extenuating circumstances (serious illness, for example). Make-up exams may be in a different format, and may be more difficult than the original test. Every effort should be made to take the examination on the scheduled date. It is the student's responsibility to contact the course instructor immediately upon returning to school and make arrangements to complete all missed work. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in a zero grade for that assignment.
  5. Any assignment submitted after the date it is due will be subject to an initial five point deduction from the final grade, and a three point per day deduction for each succeeding late day.
  6. Grading Scale: A = 93-100 B = 85-92 *C = 75-84 D = 66-74 F = below 65 or committed act of academic dishonesty.
    All EFDA program courses (EFDA courses and non EFDA courses) must be completed with a C grade or better. 
    During each actual course, students who are performing below "C" level work are responsible for seeking help from the appropriate instructor/s.
    To be eligible for graduation, all students must meet the Westmoreland graduation requirements as found in the college catalog.
    Failure to maintain at least a C grade in all courses in the EFDA program and an overall GPA of 2.0 will result in dismissal from the program.
    Repeating any DAE course is considered program re-entry.  Re-entry into EFDA courses is contingent on availability of openings and other factors. Students may re-enter the EFDA program only one time within one academic year after withdrawal or failure.
  7. Students are expected to maintain academic honesty in all courses. Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated in any form. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, plagiarism, representing another person's work as your own, taking or exchanging examination questions, permitting test answers to be viewed by others, providing dental hygiene care outside of the clinic, altering, falsifying, or removing a patient's clinical record.
  8. Students are responsible to be aware of the dates for student-initiated withdrawal. Please refer to the Westmoreland College Catalog and Student Handbook for a detailed description of withdrawal policies. 
  9. Anecdotal forms are used to document major infractions in program protocol, unprofessional behavior and violations of program standards and policies. This documentation becomes a part of the student’s permanent record. Anecdotal forms result in a 2% deduction from the final grade in the course. Three anecdotal records may result in failure of the course.
  10. The use of cellular phones or other electronic devices is prohibited during class time. Any infraction will be reflected in the class participation grade.