10509734 945646538782696 1547016861003959300 N1. How long is Westmoreland’s Dental Assisting program?

Once accepted into Westmoreland’s Dental Assisting program, students will complete the program in three semesters or one year. The start time is always the Fall semester which begins in August. There is only one class accepted each year.

2. Does Westmoreland have a part-time Dental Assisting program?

Once accepted to the Dental Assisting program students must complete it in the recommended sequence which is for three semesters. If the general education classes are completed before starting the program, your course load would be lighter, but you would still need to complete all three semesters.

3. Do I really need to send my high school transcript?

Yes! The final OFFICIAL high school transcript is a mandatory requirement for the admission procedure. Do not assume for any reason that the college has your transcript…check with Admissions. The high school transcript is still required even if a student has a bachelor’s degree. It is always best to check with the Office of Admissions to confirm that your transcript is on file. You do not want to have this missing and not be eligible for admission into the Dental Assisting program. To check the status of your high school transcript you can contact Admissions at 724-925-4077.

4. If I am trying to get into the Dental Assisting program, can I have my pre-admission requirements and developmental courses in progress during the spring semester and still be considered for the program?

No. A student must have all pre-admission courses (biology and chemistry) and any required developmental courses, as indicated by the results of Westmoreland’s Accuplacer test, completed by the application deadline date of January 5, in order to be considered for the program.

5. If I have general education courses completed from another college and they are required for the Dental Assisting program, can they be applied to Westmoreland’s program?

In most cases, if the student has a Bachelors or Associates Degree from another college OR if the courses have been taken less than ten years ago with a grade of “C” or above, the college will transfer the courses in. The student will need to supply Westmoreland with official transcripts from ALL colleges that they wish to have courses transferred from, and submit a completed Transfer of Credit form (obtained from the Admissions office) and the Admissions Coordinator must evaluate the transcripts to complete the process.

6. If I have general education courses completed, is the Dental Assisting program still three semesters?

Yes. The Dental Assisting courses are offered in a sequence; therefore making the program the full three semesters. However, completing general education courses that the program requires will lighten a student’s course load.

7. Does Westmoreland accept Dental Assisting courses from other schools?

Students with Dental Assisting courses from other institutions will need to speak with the Director of Dental Assisting to see if they are transferable.

8. Do I need to complete all of my physicals, clearances, etc. now?

No. Once a student has been accepted to the program these requirements will be explained to the accepted students at the orientation meeting held by the Director of the Dental Assisting Program. Students are informed of this meeting in their acceptance letter.

9. How can I get back into Westmoreland’s Dental Assisting program, if I was in it previously?

If a student is not able to complete the program, they may reapply the following year to be accepted again into the program

10. How many students are accepted to the Dental Assisting program?

16 students

11. What are the hours of the Dental Assisting program including clinicals?

All three semesters the classes are scheduled Monday thru Thursdays. There are not any evening or Saturday courses.

12. Can I still work and still complete the Dental Assisting program?

Due to the class schedule in the Dental Assisting programs, students may work during the program, but need to be flexible to accommodate the demands of the program and still have enough time left to complete course assignments and the necessary study time.

13. Are there an abundance of jobs in the Dental Assisting field?

Yes. There are an abundance of dental assisting opportunities for employment. Employment of dental assistants is expected to grow by 31% from 2010 to 2020, much faster than the average for all occupations. At Westmoreland Dental Assisting graduates will complete their Dental Assisting National Board Exams and be prepared to work as a CDA (Certified Dental Assistant). They also have the choice to continue their education to progress to EFDA (Expanded Function Dental Assisting) or Dental Hygiene at Westmoreland.


Mary Kay Huesdash, MA, RDH, CDA, Professor Dental Programs 
Director Dental Assisting Program, Westmoreland
724.925.4288; Fax: 724.925.5808; huesdashm@westmoreland.edu

To request an application packet, contact:
Information Center at 724.925.4000 or infocenter@westmoreland.edu