Culinary Arts, AAS - Apprenticeship Option

SoarApprenticeship Option

The culinary arts apprenticeship program is one of the majors comprising the college’s School of Culinary Arts/Hospitality. This apprenticeship program, sponsored by The American Culinary Federation Laurel Highlands (ACFLHC) Chapter and Westmoreland, is accredited by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundaton Accrediting Commission (ACFEFAC). A cooperative program, it combines 63 or 64 credits of academic course work with 4,000 hours of supervised on-the-job training in a participating restaurant, club, hotel, resort or institution for an associate degree. Classes are scheduled so that students have a sufficient block of uninterrupted time to complete their 40-hour week. Academic work can be completed as a full-time student in two years or as a part-time student over a period of three years.

Students enrolled in this program are registered with the U.S. Department of Labor as apprentices and are required to join the ACF Laurel Highlands Chapter as student culinarians. Registration and membership fees are required and payable to the ACF during the first week of class.

Students are expected to be well-groomed in compliance with the standards of sanitation. Students will be required to present medical proof of good physical health. Uniforms and program tool kit are required for all lab classes.

Employment must be secured in a facility that will provide full-time employment. The employer will agree to abide by the apprenticeship guidelines. Business attire may be required for some class sssignments.

Having fulfilled employment requirements, applicants will complete the Pennsylvania Apprenticeship and Training Counci­­l Apprenticeship Agreement and ACF Apprentice Registration Form.

At the completion of the program, students may apply for certification with the ACF.

The culinary arts associate degree apprenticeship option may be completed through a partnership with Nemacolin Woodlands Resort as well as other approved apprenticeship sites. For information, contact the Westmoreland Admissions Office, 724-925-4077.

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Culinary Arts, AAS - Apprenticeship Option