Computer Technology

Technology and Change

Changes in the information technology industry are coming at an accelerated rate. The impact of the rapid growth of the Internet on our society is profound and far-reaching. As a stimulus, the Internet has led to new computer programming languages, the expanded use of databases and wide-area networking, and Web site development for electronic commerce. Theses changes have created an unprecedented demand for computer professionals with a wide variety of skills and knowledge.

The Computer Technology Department

The computer technology department at Westmorland recognizes the changing nature of the computing profession and offers a wide range of programs and courses designed to prepare students for the challenges in the field of information technology. The associate of applied science degree in computer technology offers four options: programming, networking, technical support and telecommunications. The diploma of computer technology is a shorter-term program that covers the fundamentals of computer technology. There are also several computer technology certificate programs that cover selected topics in depth.

Associate of Applied Science Degree

The computer technology associate of applied science degree program is offered as four options: database/programming, networking, technical support and telecommunications. Each of these areas of concentration was chosen to reflect the projected needs of the information technology industry. The AAS degree program options provide a solid background along with a strong concentration in each area. The courses in these programs have been carefully selected to reflect those disciplines and skills that are in strong demand in the computing profession and that have significant growth potential. The associate of applied science degree in computer technology has been designed for completion in two years of full-time study.

Computer Technology Diploma

The computer technology diploma is a two-semester program designed to be a shorter alternative to the more comprehensive associate degree program. The diploma program provides an interdisciplinary look at computer technology at the introductory level. It includes many courses that can be applied to the associate degree. The diploma program can be used by the student as a final product or as an intermediate step toward the attainment of the associate degree.

Computer Technology Certificate

Westmoreland offers several certificates covering selected technical topics. Certificates are available in: database development, fiber optic technologies, networking, microcomputer support, programming, web development and PC Repair/A+. These short programs are designed for the student who is seeking a concentrated education in a specific aspect of computer technology. Certificates are particularly advantageous for the Westmoreland graduate or student in the workforce who needs to upgrade his or her technical skills. Certificate courses can be applied toward AAS degree options.