Communication Design

The Communication Design program of study serves the community as an active learning environment that immerses students in a range of media channels. Beginning with print – understanding space and composition, and as students progress, they are exposed to web-based design and time-based media theory and skills required for the evolving communication environment, contemporary issues, and workforce requirements.     

The curriculum provides a flexible, responsive educational experience for students to build communication and creative skills, improve digital literacy, and develop interdisciplinary thinking required to evolve into innovative, perceptive and responsible production designers/technicians, knowledgeable customer service/sales, and technical support staff to meet the needs of business, industry, and the individual.

At the same time, deadline-based, production-oriented exercises emphasize critical, conventional and digital production knowledge, skills, and techniques essential for designing and assembling a broad range of expressive communication concepts and media for commercial and wide-format printing, digital publishing, interactive PDFs, mobile devices and the web.

Associate of Applied Science Degree

Communication Design at WCCC was previously called Graphic Design. The world of communication isn’t two-dimensional and neither is this program. The department focuses on the core principles of print-based graphic design – image, typography, color, hierarchy, and message – students learn to merge these skills with basic coding and scripting, and interactive and time-based medias. Students become competent in creating and delivering compelling content that is understandable and accessible to audiences and users across diverse media and devices.

Internships provide students the opportunity to work in a variety of off-campus sites to explore career options, gain valuable work-related experience, establish contacts, and enhance their skills and techniques while developing a compelling and reflective portfolio.

Communication Design Certificate

The college offers two certificates for students active or interested in communication design career choices. The certificates provide individuals basic, relevant knowledge, technical skills and hands-on experience to earn credentials for proof of concentrated study, increase their value to their organization, update/strengthen current knowledge and skills, explore or change careers, pursue an area of personal interest or start a small business venture.

Associate of Fine Arts Degree, AFA

The School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Public Services offers an associate in fine arts degree in Graphic Design. This degree option is designed especially for students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university to further their visual arts/communication education.