The growth of the Internet and the shift to a service-based
economy, in which it is estimated that 98 percent of future job
growth will be in service producing industries, has transformed the
substantive content of the practice of management. The impact
of these changes in the labor market has led to the need for new
educational requirements and job skills both for those individuals
currently employed in the field of management and for those who
seek future careers in this field. These changes have led to an
increased demand for management professionals.

Business Education
In response to the new dynamics of a service-based economy,
the business department at Westmoreland offers a wide range of
programs and courses designed to prepare students for the new
challenges that await them in the field of management.

Associate of Applied Science Degree
The associate of applied science business degree program is
offered in several areas of concentration: financial management,
general management, human resource management, marketing
management and small business management. All of the AAS
areas of concentration contain a solid business core of general
management courses augmented by several courses specific to
each area of concentration. These areas of concentration were
carefully selected to satisfy the current and projected needs
of the business community. The associate of applied science
degree provides a solid academic background in applied business
management that can be completed in two years of full-time study.

Associate of Arts Degree
The Business Division also offers an associate of arts degree
in Business Administration (see page 40). This degree option is
designed specifically for students who plan to transfer to a fouryear
college or university to further their business education.

Business Diploma
A 36-credit business diploma is offered as a two-semester alternative
to the more comprehensive associate degree program.
The business diploma program provides a general, interdisciplinary
experience into the field of business at an introductory level. The
diploma program includes many courses that can be applied to
the associate degree programs. A student can use the business
diploma program either as a final educational outcome or as an
intermediate step toward the attainment of an associate degree.

Business Certificate
Westmoreland offers several business certificates covering
specific topics in business. Certificates are available in: finance,
general management, human resource management, marketing
management, real estate and small business management. These
short programs are designed for the student who is seeking a
concentrated educational focus in a specific aspect of business.
Business certificates are particularly advantageous for any college
graduate or current student who is currently in the workforce and
needs to update, upgrade or expand his or her education and/or
training in a specific topical area.