Honors Program

The Honors Program at Westmoreland permits outstanding students and honors faculty to work cooperatively in the pursuit of academic excellence; while also facilitating the development of personal potential in communication, leadership skills, and community service.

The Honors Program offers participatory classroom activities that assist the development of critical thinking skills, independent investigation, increased involvement in college and community service learning projects and participation in regional and national honors conferences.

Honors academic work enables students to actively engage the material, learn about scholarly and creative processes by participating in them, and personalize their learning experience through imaginative, critical analysis and application. Honors academic credits will be designated in student’s transcripts for colleges and employers to see.

In small classes, of 25 or fewer, learning is more personal, fun, and exciting. This provides the atmosphere where students may expect personal attention, active discussions, in-depth analysis of the subject matter, and the opportunity to refine oral and written communication skills. Honors students, through creative and stimulating teaching with professors as mentors and facilitators, will expand the limits of their intellectual, cultural and social horizons in a caring, stimulating atmosphere.

Honors courses may be completed in conjunction with any major.