Developmental Education Courses

Roughly three-quarters of the students who come to WCCC qualify for developmental courses based on placement assessment results. These courses in reading, writing and mathematics are specifically designed to prepare students for success in their academic careers. Students may qualify for one to three development courses per semester for one or two semesters. While developmental courses serve as prerequisites, they are not applied to degree requirements. Those students who actively participate in the developmental program are more likely to succeed and complete their course of study.


RDG 050-Reading and Study Skills and RDG 080-Intermediate Reading are intended to prepare students to perform successfully in college-level courses. These courses focus on textbook reading, reading strategies, vocabulary development and critical thinking. Also an emphasis is placed on learning styles, self-motivation and improved organizational skills.


ENG 030-Basic Writing and ENG 070-Intermediate Writing are intended to create a student-centered environment from which students emerge as independent life-long learners who recognize the importance of writing in everyday situations. The courses focus on grammar usage, rhetorical patterns, communication skills, self-reflection and critical thinking. Motivation, time-management, resource utilization and goal-setting are also addressed.


MTH 050-Basic Mathematics and MTH 052-Foundations of Algebra provide basic principles, concepts, and techniques that are necessary for students’ success in higher level mathematics courses. These courses encourage logical thinking skills that are necessary for everyday decision making, and they also develop the mathematical literacy essential for students to thrive in an increasingly numbers-driven society.