Act 101

What is Act 101?

The Higher Education Equal Opportunity Program ACT 101, established by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1971, provides counseling, tutoring, and other services for students seeking a college education.  The Westmoreland County Community College ACT 101 Program is located in the Student Services Success Center in Founders Hall at the Youngwood campus.

Who Qualifies?

Westmoreland’s ACT 101 participants must be full-time residents of Pennsylvania and are chosen on the basis of economic resources and academic potential.  Economic eligibility is based on adjusted family income.  Academic eligibility is based upon the need for developmental course work as determined by the Westmoreland County Community College placement assessment process, or by one of more of the following criteria:  GED recipient, ESL designation, absence from the educational pipeline for three or more years, high school GPA in the lowest quartile.


Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.