Orientation Leaders

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“I like helping students transition. It’s a big step going to college and becoming more independent. It’s your last big step before the real world. I want them to be successful.”

-Jennifer Boren – 2nd Year Orientation Leader (Business Major)


“[Coming to college] seems like a lot of work, but with all of the support offered here we can all succeed!”

-Sarah Kapfer (AA Computer Science Transfer)


"Being an Orientation Leader “helps me get out of my comfort zone and help people.”

-Natasha Scaife (Photography)


“I enjoy helping others and public speaking, so I joined this program. I was once shy and nervous when I started here. This is why I became an Orientation Leader last year AND this year! I look forward to meeting you all. Go Westmoreland!”

-Marissa Wallace – 2nd Year Orientation Leader (AA Art Therapy Transfer)


“I chose to become an Orientation Leader because I enjoy being around people and I dream about becoming a teacher.”

-Mariel Fullem (AA History Transfer)


“I remember when I started here and I was pretty lost. I figure I could help prevent that from happening to other students. I’m pretty friendly and I can talk for hours – I am a big music fan so come talk to me!”

-Cameron Scaccia (AFA Fine Arts Transfer)


“I became an Orientation Leader because I love working with people!”

-Elana Capozzi (AA Transfer)


“I became an Orientation Leader because I am a friendly and approachable person; I love helping others and would like to meet new people!”

-Maryann Sirnic (AA Transfer)


“I was an Orientation Leader back in 2015 and came back another year because I love meeting new people!”

-Matthew Greba – 2nd Year Orientation Leader (Baking & Pastry)


“Start your ambitious journey here!”

-Stephanie Thomas (Chemistry)


“I became an Orientation Leader to help new students with their first year at Westmoreland and to encourage them to try new things here.”

-Shelby Kimmick (AA Transfer)