Faculty/Staff Profiles

We asked these Westmoreland faculty for their best piece of advice to succeed academically. Here is what they had to say:

MichelletooheyFind a person you truly admire and ask him or her to be your mentor.

-Dr. Michelle Toohey, Professor/English 



Talk to your instructors outside of class.  We hold office hours because we want to help you.

 -Patrick Pirilla, Instructor/Mathematics



Ask questions, join in discussions, and meet new people! Get to know your instructors and other resource people, and make friends with students who are motivated and focused on their education. Positive connections with others on campus are a major factor in your success (and your enjoyment of your time here!)

-Lynna Thomas, Counselor/Student Support Services



Challenge yourself. Study Efficiently.

-Zeke Patterson, Biological Science Lab Assistant



The person who graduates and stops learning tomorrow is uneducated the day after. Make the right choices!

-Vicki Walker, TRiO/SSS



Take responsibility for yourself.

-Ralph H. Padgett Jr., Assistant Professor/Mathematics



In order for you to be successful here at WCCC, make your education and the entire experience a priority! Best of luck!

 -Andrew Colosimo, Instructor/Business Management



You don’t have to go it alone! If you need help with your research assignments, visit/call/email us at the library.

-Belinda Sedlak, Librarian/Assistant Professor



Do not cram -- do some work on your class every day if possible.

-Robert Frank, Assistant Professor/Mathematics



Approach each class with curiosity and a spirit of discovery.  Actively engage in your education by asking questions and finding relevance in what you are learning.  Take educational risks and celebrate each small success, knowing that with dedication, you can accomplish your academic goals.

-Suzanne McClure, Assistant Professor/Psychology


•  Expect a learning curve•  Reduce or eliminate smoking and alcohol•  Get organized•  Get to know your professors•  Practice good time management•  Be on time for class, and be prepared to participate in the daily discussions•  Develop consistent study habits•  Establish a place to study•  Use campus resources•  Get connected•  Get involved•  Have fun, laugh, and learn!•  Be an active member of each class•  Do not text or read texts during class•  Be courteous•  Take advantage of our tutors in the learning center

- Dr. John J. Scassellati, Assistant Professor/Chemistry