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The college bookstore is operated for the convenience of students, faculty and staff. In addition to textbooks and supplies for classes, the bookstore stocks stationery, clothing and gift items.

Prior to the start of each semester, the bookstore publishes a list of required books and their prices for each course, and monthly hours of operation. Students may obtain this information by accessing our website, calling or visiting the bookstore and providing the course code. Students who have misplaced their schedules may request a duplicate copy at the bookstore. The bookstore accepts payment by cash, check, MasterCard, or Visa.

Students attending classes at the education centers may purchase their textbooks by using the main campus bookstore in Youngwood. If unable to do so, students should contact the bookstore or their education center for alternative options.

Refunds on textbooks are allowed only under certain circumstances; requests for refunds must be accompanied by receipts and, if appropriate, a copy of the student’s drop form. Copies of the complete bookstore return policy are printed on the back of each receipt.

Booklist - Spring 2019

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