If you require Police or Ambulance assistance in an emergency, please dial 8-911 on any Youngwood campus phone. At the Education Centers, go to the front desk and ask them to call 911. Then, immediately notify Security by dialing 4250 from any campus phone or 724.925.4250.

Park Police PatchThe Westmoreland County Park Police is the primary law enforcement agency of the Youngwood campus. The park police serve as armed, uniformed officers. All inquiries about crime reports or services should be directed to them at 724.925.4250. They can also be reached via email at

Contract security services remain in place at the Youngwood campus and at all education centers weekdays and Saturday from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. and all day Sundays.

The mission of Westmoreland security is to work to enhance the safety of the members of the college community and the security of the college’s facilities. Security enforces college policies in support of the academic mission of the college.

  • Providing professional safety and security services to the college community
  • Educating its members on how to be aware for safety and security issues
  • Campus Security provides: emergency response to crimes in progress and to life threatening incidents, initial first aid, foot and vehicle patrols, Walking Partners, traffic control, provide surveillances of parking lots and book stores to address theft.
  • Youngwood Security makes visits to education centers and is dispatched when needed for investigative incidents.