RSVP Opportunities

Book Smart?
Enjoy time at your local library while offering a helping hand. Greet patrons, organize books and periodicals and assist with other clerical duties throughout the Westmoreland Library Network. There is a world with in your reach.

“All the world’s a stage…”
If you want to lend you time to your local community theater, we have a part you can play! Ushers, box office help and creative scenery painters needed for all the productions at several county play house locations.

Your time is a gift that many people would value.
You can visit others in their homes, offer kind hearted companionship, deliver food and provide car rides to and from appointments. Do these things for your neighbors who no longer can do for themselves. Many Westmoreland County agencies would gladly open their doors to you.

“Study the past if you would define the future.”
Southwestern Pennsylvania is rich in the history of industry, railroads, frontier trails, and people of notoriety. Expand your knowledge of our local culture as a volunteer guide, gift shop assistant, and guardian of our heritage. Many opportunities await in Westmoreland County.

Retired but not too tired?
Looking for someone up to the challenge to expand their knowledge of Medicare and health care. With the proper training and support, you might be able to help seniors through the Medicare maze.

Call 724-925-4213 or email if you would like more information about these opportunities.