Retired & Senior Volunteer Program

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RSVP volunteer opportunities are as diverse as our volunteers themselves. Some volunteers choose opportunities with regular hours.  Others prefer project or task-oriented volunteer opportunities, which are shorter in duration and varies from project to project. Whether helping a child learn to read, delivering meals to the homebound, or sharing management skills with a nonprofit organization - RSVP has something for everyone. Whatever their selection, RSVP volunteers provide more than just their skills and knowledge, they give their friendship - they give themselves.

You’re invited to join RSVP
You have spent 55 years or more developing your skills, refining your talents and abilities.

You’re a valuable resource
The skills and talents that you possess offer great opportunities, both for you and for your community, here in Westmoreland County.

You’re free to choose
It’s your decision. As an RSVP volunteer, you choose what you want to do and when you want to do it.

Income Tax Assistance 2017

Smart Driver Course Spring 2017

Prom Dress Collection