Alumni Association

About the Alumni Association

Planted with seed money from the Westmoreland Educational Foundation, the Westmoreland Alumni Association took root on May 16, 2005. The steering committee did a fine job sprouting through the ground by writing the Mission Statement, Constitution and Bylaws. The membership committee watered the association throughout the year by encouraging the growth of its membership base. All the while, the special events committee cast sunshine on the association by planning a homecoming and monthly Meet-N-Greets.

Membership rose steadily in our charter year. Many alumni joined as lifetime members. The constitution and bylaws were rewritten and approved to make the association stronger in March 2006. Our vision for the association is ambitious--our goals many. We are active and we work hard. We volunteer our time and donate our money. Best of all, we flourish and continue to grow with each other.

Our members share a special bond with Westmoreland College and its faculty and staff. As our association blossoms, we encourage current students and the community to plant their own seeds and grow their own bonds in a terrific garden rich with educational opportunities for a strong and sustaining growth... the Westmoreland County Community College.

Membership Criteria

  • Graduates of a Westmoreland College degree, diploma, or certificate program
  • Former Westmoreland County Community College students who have not graduated, but earned               24 or more credits.
  • Full-time Westmoreland faculty and staff members, current or retired

Membership Fee

  • $50 - Lifetime Membership, one time fee

Membership Process

  1. Complete an association membership application form
  2. Enclose membership fee
  3. Send to: Westmoreland College Alumni Association 145 Pavilion Lane, Room 202 Youngwood, PA 15697

Membership Benefits

  • Library--May check out books
  • Computer Lab—Students have priority; restricted use during peak times (mid-terms, finals, etc.)
  • Fitness Center— Must complete an orientation before first-time use; Hour restrictions: before 10 AM, after   3 PM, until Noon on Saturdays
  • Career Services—Accessible as always
  • Alumni Association Special Events
  • Lifetime members are eligible to join Westmoreland Community Federal Credit Union
  • Other benefits will be announced as they are acquired

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