Westmoreland graduate on path to success in Boston

Date Published: December 05, 2017

A Westmoreland County Community College graduate is now studying in Boston.Cassie Geckle

Cassie Geckle, 25, is a junior at Emerson College. The Trafford native transferred there after earning an associate of arts degree in English at Westmoreland. She is now majoring in Communications Studies.

“My time at Westmoreland made me feel more confident in my abilities, both as a student and as a professional,” Geckle said.

She did not come to Westmoreland immediately upon graduation from high school. In fact, she spent about four years in the workforce before deciding to make a fresh start.

“Everyone at Westmoreland was welcoming and clearly wanted to see me and all their other students succeed,” Geckle said.

Participating in a variety of activities including Phi Theta Kappa, Writer's Guild, Campus Activities Board, Anime Club and Westmoreland Gaming made her time at Westmoreland more meaningful.

“Westmoreland is the perfect place to try new things, maybe things you'll never get to experience again,” Geckle said. She’s hoping to work in public relations or communications when she graduates with her bachelor’s degree.

“Just in the past month, HBO, TBS and CBS have reached out to Emerson directly looking for interns and full time employees in my field,” Geckle said. “The world is my oyster right now.”

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