Employment at Westmoreland

Employment Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in employment opportunities at Westmoreland. Below you will find a list of open positions. Click the link to view the position descriptions and to apply via Indeed.

Administrative Assistant/Secretary (Full-Time)

Assistant Coach/Women's Volleyball (Casual Part-Time)

Career Connector (Regular Part-Time)

Certified HVAC Worker (Full-Time)

Training Instructors (Part-Time)

Coordinator I/Assistant Controller - General Accounting (Full-Time)

Custodian 3 Positions (Full-Time)

Custodian (Full-Time)

Custodian (Full-Time)

Custodian (Full-time)

Director, Enrollment Services/Registrar (Full-Time)

Division Clerk (Full-Time)

Division Technician (Full-Time)

Education Center Clerk (Regular Part-Time) (Indiana)

Education Center Clerk (Regular Part-Time) (Fayette)

Education Center Clerk (Regluar Part-Time) (New Kensignton)

English Adjuncts (Part-Time)

Microbiology Adjuncts (Part-Time)

Food Lab Assistant (Regular Part-Time)

Groundskeepers (Casual Part-Time Temporary)

Groundskeeper IV (Full-Time)

Head Coach/Men's Soccer (Casual Part-Time)

Information Center Technician (Part-Time)

Instructor/Computer Science (Full-Time Temporary)

Instructor/Nursing (Behavioral Health) (Full-Time Temporary)

Pathways Advisor (Regular Part-Time)

Pathways Advisor (Student/Parent) (Full-Time Temporary) 

Pathways Advisor (Non-Traditional Student) (Full-Time Temporary)

Transition Counselor (Regular Part-Time Temporary)

Summer Camp Assistant (Casual Part-Time Temporary)

Adjunct Faculty

Tutor (Casual Part-Time)