Internship and Practicum

Internship and Practicum for Students

An internship or practicum provides an opportunity for you to earn academic credit for work experience related to your field of study or vocational goal, or to explore career options.

It is designed to supplement your formal classroom study with supervised on-the-job experience in college-approved work locations.

Benefits of an Internship or Practicum

  • Acquire major-related experience
  • Gain industry knowledge you won't learn anywhere else
  • Accumulate evidence of your abilities
  • Make critical professional contacts Increase your confidence
  • Learn more about a company of interest
  • Possibly land a full-time job

Ryan interned with Tucker Automation and was hired"It's been a great experience."  Architectural Drafting and Design major Ryan McCurdy was hired by local manufacturer Tucker Auto-Mation after he interned there.

If you are interested in an internship or practicum, you should schedule a meeting with the internship coordinator.  The coordinator will then assist you in refining and revising your résumé as needed. The purpose of the résumé is to assist the coordinator in locating a suitable work site. This experience must be arranged with the coordinator the semester prior to planned participation.