For Employers - Career Connections Center at Westmoreland

Welcome, Employers!

We are pleased that you have selected Westmoreland for your recruiting needs. We take pride in the number of great employers that work with our campus and even greater pride in our outstanding students.

Posting Jobs and Internships

Posting your part-time, full-time and internship positions is easy. We have a wonderful job posting site, Purple Briefcase, that is easy to use and your positions will be viewable by all Westmoreland students and alumni. Call the Career Connections Center at 724-925-4054 to receive a code you can use to set up a free account. Purple Briefcase Employer Training Guide

Hiring Interns

Internships are great opportunities for students to gain career-related work experience. Learn more about hiring interns. If you need to create an employer handbook, here is a suggested outline from Parker Dewey that can be adapted.

FAQ : Micro-internships - Information from Parker-Dewey

Westmoreland has been selected as one of only a few institutions to participate in The Career Readiness Project. It uses a scientifically validated solution that will give you an upper hand by providing feedback on how “career ready” our students are based on their most recent work-related experience or internship/practicum, along with insight on how their skills compare to real candidates in similar roles. Learn more about the Career Readiness Project.

On-campus Presence

Employers are continuously striving to reach out and increase their visibility and strengthen their company brand on campus. If you are interested in any of the following outreach programs or would like to discuss other ideas, contact our Career Connections Center at 724-925-4054.

​Offer Internships

There is nothing better than word-of-mouth promotion of an organization. Internships can provide students with invaluable “real-world” experience. Interns can also serve as on-campus ambassadors to promote the organization when they return to school.

Conduct Company Presentations and Information Sessions

Many organizations plan a preparatory session the night before the learning expo, interview day or internship orientation. This session provides students and other attendees with an overview and background of the company. This allows the interview time to be more focused on the candidates. The pre-presentation can be scheduled along with the on-campus interview and internship/practicum orientation date or prior to the learning expo.

Serve as a Job Shadowing Site

Work-based learning is very beneficial for students, and we are encouraging employers to offer opportunities to spend some time shadowing a professional in various fields. This provides the student with an overview of what various professions are like before they apply for internships, or apply for open positions.

​Campus Recruiting

We would love to have your visit our campus to conduct your on-campus mock or formal interviews.

Third-Party Recruiters

According to The National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE 2012), Third-Party Recruiters are defined as, “agencies, organizations, or individuals recruiting candidates for temporary, part-time, or full-time employment opportunities other than for their own needs” (Principles for Professional Practice for Career Services & Employment Professionals).

For Third-Party Recruiters to work with Career Connections Center staff in order to connect with Westmoreland County Community College students and be in accordance with the ethical standards set forth by NACE (2012) they must adhere to the following:

  • Third-party recruiters must clearly identify themselves as a third-party recruiter
  • Third party-recruiters must include the name and contact information of the client(s) that the third party recruiter is representing
  • Third-party recruiters must include the position description and other information necessary to determine the legitimacy of the opportunity
  • Third-party recruiters must obtain written consent from the student prior to releasing personal information to an employer
  • Third-party recruiters will not disclose any student information without obtaining prior written consent from the student
  • Third-party recruiters will never disclose student information for any purpose other than for the original recruiting purpose nor can student information be sold or provided to other entities
  • Third-party recruiters operate in compliance with federal and state fair employment laws enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions (EEOC) and its state counterparts
  • Third-party recruiters must post single position postings only
  • Third-party recruiters must agree that no fee will be charged to any candidate at any time