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Featured Employers

Summer featured employer: Luigi's Ristorante in Clymer and DuBois

These family owned restaurants are looking for new chefs to train as they have a couple of chefs who have been with them for 30 years, and would like some lighter hours.

Watch the following daily routine video at the Restaurant in DuBois, created by Drew Pizzo, graduate of the DuBois Business College.

Students, you can also nominate an employer you have worked with to be featured, using the following guiding questions:

  • What were your thoughts about being an intern before you started, and what are your impressions now that you have finished?
  • Were your Learning Outcomes realistic to achieve at your site, and how did your supervisor and/or mentor assist you?
  • What excited you most about the internship?
  • Include any additional reflections you feel are relevant regarding the internship experience so far.

Once completed, email to internships@westmoreland.edu.