What's Up Westmoreland

What's Up Westmoreland

You want to know more but you don't have time to travel. You want to know what Westmoreland can offer that makes them better than other colleges. You want to listen in your car or on your phone while at the gym. We have a new way to share what's happening at Westmoreland.

Join our team for What's Up Westmoreland every week. The team will get together to chat about what's going on at Westmoreland. We will talk about new programs that lead to careers in a year. We will talk about what you should do if you want to take classes that will transfer to a college or university and we will talk about how affordable Westmoreland. Don't pile on the debt.

Topics will be listed each week.

Week #3 - August 6 at Noon on Facebook Live

Topic:  Ashlea will be talking about our programs in the Humanities with Dr. Andrew Barnette, dean of the School of Art, Humanities, Social Sciences and Public Service.   Watch on our Facebook page

Students inside the Student Achievement Center