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Modcast Series

The word “Modcast” is a combination of “Module” and “podcast,” and the goal is short educational recordings about the basic functionality of D2L. Every topic has already been covered in D2L training, and none of the episodes exceed ten minutes (okay, sorry, one of them did).

The first episode in the Modcast series establishes the layout of D2L course pages and introduces menu options such as the NavBar, NavColumn, and Course Admin.

Duration: 5 min 48 sec

What's the best way to create a structure in your course using Modules and descriptions? Watch this Modcast episode to find out!

Duration: 6 min 49 sec

In this episode, we debate when and when not to use Sub-Modules when building your course structure.

Duration: 5 min 18 sec


This Modcast episode is a very basic overview of the three main LMS activities: Assignment, Discussion, and Quiz.

Duration: 4 min 44 sec

In a continuation of Episode 4, this episode dives deeper into Assignments, Discussions, and Quizzes.

Duration: 12 min 18 sec

Dates in D2L are fairly straightforward, but with them comes more functionality than what you may realize.

Duration: 7 min 22 sec


It can't be stressed enough how important a "clean" gradebook is to your course. Students are often on that page as much as they are on your Content page. This episode looks into how to build an easy-to-follow gradebook.

Duration: 8 min 05 sec


What's the one question students ask more than any other? Hopefully, this Modcast episode answers that question for you before students can even ask it.

Duration: 7 min 03 sec

Have you seen those icons in the gradebook before? Did you know if you click them, they take you to a grading page? Check out this Modcast episode to learn more.

Duration: 6 min 12 sec


Do you know that D2L can help students keep track of what they completed and what they have left to complete? Watch this episode to learn more.

Duration: 6 min 33 sec


Are you looking for quick tips for making your course page easier for students to navigate? Watch this episode to find out more.

Duration: 7 min 53 sec.

This Modcast episode dives way deep into the Quiz Activity and explains what each setting means, whether you should enable it, and what best practice says.

Duration: 10 min 48 sec.


It can be really difficult to have discussions online, but in this Modcast episode, you'll learn tips that might improve your and your students' experience.

Duration: 5 min 40 sec.


Deleting stuff from D2L isn't as straightforward as you would think. Sometimes, that's in your best interest. Watch this Modcast episode to learn more about deleting things safely.

Duration: 7 min 44 sec.


You ever notice the drop-down arrow that appears next to the different elements in D2L? What does that do? Watch this Modcast episode to find out more.

Duration: 6 min 07 sec.