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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the questions about D2L we are most frequently asked. You can also download or save a copy of these questions to your Westmoreland Google Drive account.

Using your MyWestmoreland credentials to log in to D2L (, your courses will be listed in the My Courses widget on the D2L homepage.

They can also be accessed by clicking the “Waffle” icon found at the top of any page in D2L.

Yes. Use the Pin icon to “pin” courses to the top of your My Courses widget and to the Waffle icon course search list.

Yes. To find your course roster, access a course then click Course Admin and select Classlist.

It takes 24 hours from when a student registers for your course to be added to D2L. If the student isn’t listed after 48 hours, contact ctlFREEWESTMORELAND.

It depends on when the drop occurred. If it’s within three weeks of the course start date and you added the student to the Audit Roster report, then they were removed and will not be permitted back.

If the drop occurs anytime after the first three weeks, most likely the reason is for non-payment, however, you’ll need to confirm with Admissions, admissionsFREEWESTMORELAND, for confirmation.

Yes. On the Classlist page, click Email Classlist to send an email to all of your students. To email individual students, check the box next to their name and click Email.

Yes, and you can create them from the homepage of your course or from Course AdminAnnouncements.

Or, on the course homepage, click the drop-down arrow to the right of the word Announcements and select New Announcement.

Yes. D2L maintains an “opt-in” notification policy, however, notifications that come from the Announcement Tool are automatically emailed.

Here are the settings we recommend students enable. They can find this recommendation in the Learning D2L for Students course.

No, every course has a Syllabus page where you can add your “Begin Here” information. The Syllabus page link is at the top of their Table of Contents menu and is also the page users see when clicking Content for the first time in a course.

We recommend that you use the Start and End Dates feature to restrict students from accessing content early or late. Set Due Dates to help students plan.

If you want to hide an object, click the drop-down arrow to the right of its name and select Hide. Note: Using the “Hide” function means you’ll need to “unhide” the object when it’s ready for students. This does not happen automatically.

This is a two-part answer.

  • Did you create a Grade Item for your Activity? If no, go to the Activity settings, and find the “Add to Grade Book” option.
  • If the Grade Item is there, did you link your Activity to a Grade Item? If the Association column (on the Manage Grades page) for the Item is empty, it’s not linked.

To link a Grade Item to an Activity, it has to be done in the Activity settings. Click Course Admin, select the activity type, then go to the settings page and find the “Add to Grade Book” option.

The proper way to add scores to the gradebook is by grading student submissions within your D2L Activities.

If you want to manually type scores into the gradebook, Go to the Enter Grades page and click Switch to Spreadsheet View. (This option doesn’t work when using Internet Explorer. Stop using Internet Explorer.)

The View as Student option, found by clicking your name in the top-right corner of the page, suffices for most of the requests related to using a test student. The only two areas where it doesn’t are Quiz Activities and the gradebook.

To experience a quiz from the student perspective, click the Quiz Activity link on the Content page of your course, and select Student View.

To view the gradebook as a student, go to the Enter Grades page, click the drop-down arrow next to a student name and select Student View. The pop-up window will show you everything a student sees in the gradebook.

No. Courses in D2L turn on automatically on the official start date of the course. If you’re unsure of your course dates, check your assignment letter or contact your division.

Courses in D2L turn off seven days after the official end date of the course. This allows time for faculty to submit grades and students to review final activities. If you’re unsure of your course dates, check your assignment letter or contact your division.

Yes, and the app is called Pulse. It’s a great way for students to keep up with your course and their grades but doesn't currently have the ability to interact with activities like Discussions and Assignments.

If you want full access to D2L on your mobile device, we recommend doing so using your preferred web browsing app.