About the Center for Teaching and Learning | Westmoreland County Community College, Youngwood, Pennsylvania

About the Center for Teaching and Learning


Throughout your time as an instructor, there may be moments where you are unsure of the proper channels to take, and we hope these pages assist you in those decisions.

Our goal is to describe our practices efficiently so that we are all on the same page and save time together. The more time you have to devote to teaching, the better experience our students receive.

We will cover as much content as we can, but we are also aware that not everything can be covered. In those cases, contact a member of the Center for Teaching and Learning, and we will make sure the proper steps are taken.

Your role is crucial to our institution, and we thank you for the time and effort you spend with students.

-Annette Boyer, Dean of Center for Teaching and Learning


Contribute to student success by providing faculty with exceptional instruction and plentiful opportunities that lead to professional growth and prosperity.


Develop consistent, beneficial, and worthwhile educational experiences for students and faculty.